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Frequently asked questions:

How long has SingleGolfclub been in existence?

2003 the first "prototype"
Since 2004 in Switzerland
Since 2005 in Germany
Since 2006 in Austria
Since 2009 in China
Since 2010 in Dominican Republic
Since 2014 in France

Since 2015 in Indonesia,  Italy, Ireland, Latin America

How many Members does SingleGolfclub have?

We have worldwide 963 Members, and 2492 golf singles subscribe to our Single Golf Magazine.

What is the average age?
Our Members vary in age between 26 and 80.

What is the proportion of ladies to gents?
Around 2/3 are ladies and 1/3 gents.

What is the average handicap among your Members?
Members of all categories are catered for within our Club. They range from beginners and middle-handicappers, right down to those with a single-figure handicap, even as low as scratch - they are all welcome here.

Are you a dating agency?
No, SingleGolfclub is not a dating agency. Dating agencies are considerably more expensive and never issue a list of members to their clients. Nor do dating agencies organise golf events, golf trips and tournaments for singles.

Do I have to have access to the Internet?
Yes, as a Member you must have Internet access.

What benefits do Members receive?
As a Member, you are entered in the membership list and you also have access to it. Depending on their membership, Members can take part in golf events, golf holidays and play in the Single Golf Cup. Members also receive discounts from golf clubs and golf hotels, and on some golf accessories.

Do I receive benefits as a Member?
The membership fee includes the Golf Fee Card (valued at USD 100). This Golf Fee Card also doubles as our membership card. It provides discounts of up to 50% at 2200 golf clubs and 2300 golf hotels throughout the world. You will find other benefits on our Special and Partner Links page.

Can I take part in golf events as an Associate Member?
Only Members can take part in a golf events, golf holidays and the Single Golf Cup.

What kind of people are they - SingleGolfclub Members?
Our Members are also members of a golf club recognised by the Golf Unions of Caribbean.


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